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Make Peace with Stress will heal your nervous system from chronic stress and change your whole life from the inside out.

Hey there capable but quietly struggling human—I see you.

You try really hard to do your life right. 

And from the outside, you seem fine.

But inside, you don't feel like your best self. At all.

I have been there too, my friend.

For me, it feels like:

👉 I can't relax because I'm overwhelmed and worried about a million things.

👉 I don't sleep well even though I'm absolutely exhausted and running on empty.

👉 I feel over-extended, rushed, and think I must do, handle, and fix everything.

👉 My mind races and I can't sit still because there's something I should be doing.

👉 I can't accomplish my bigger goals and secretly fear I'm not good enough.

Does this resonate?

I've learned that there's an enormous misconception that makes life much more challenging than it needs to be.

Let me explain.

Everything you've been taught about stress is wrong.

Stress is NOT something to relieve, reduce, and (along with everything else) manage.

Because if you've read this far, if you relate to my experience, it means your nervous system is stuck in stress response mode.

Which is chronic stress.

And chronic stress means your body and mind are trying to communicate vital information about your well-being.

But you're not getting the message.

After more than a decade of struggling with chronic stress, my perspective changed dramatically—I learned that our stress response is our built-in guidance and support system that exists to help us.

 That's when I created Make Peace with Stress.

Because I discovered, through experience, that all we have to do is:

1. Pay attention to the information our nervous system sends us.

2. Trust this is our inner wisdom that exists to guide and support our life.

3. Use it to clarify and lead us to what we want most for ourselves.

And when we make making peace with stress part of our lives, our transformation is inevitable.

I went from:

👌 Overwhelmed to clear and focused on what's truly important to me.

👌 Anxious to calm and able to manage the full range of my emotions.

👌 Worried to confident and knowing I can handle life's challenges.

👌 Exhausted to balanced and intentional about how I use my energy.

👌 Struggling to empowered and optimistic about my vision for the future.


Let me share a bit more about my story.

For years I felt stuck in a state of perpetual struggle. I overworked, distracted myself, numbed out, put off dreams, couldn't focus, had chronic digestive issues, constantly second-guessed myself, and pulled out all of my eyebrows and eyelashes.

This is me in 1998.

I was 26 years old and one day, even though I'd done it to myself, seeing my face with no eyebrows or eyelashes was a low point in my life.

And I had an awakening.

I realized I had a choice to make: stay stuck and struggling or take ownership of myself and change from the inside out.

During the next several years, I discovered that when I traded fighting, ignoring, or shaming myself, for paying attention to and trusting my body and mind, I got concise and reliable guidance to get what I wanted.

Changing my perspective on stress has fueled 25 years of personal growth and, since 2010, I've been on a mission to teach the Make Peace with Stress method to amazing humans like you.

This program has been offered online and at these prestigious institutions:

When you make peace with stress, your life will change.

Make Peace with Stress is a 12-week, group coaching and support program. You'll learn and implement simple, very doable ways to start taking ownership of how you show up for challenges that will completely change how you experience yourself and your life.


Module 1 | RESET

Discover how to start fresh any time so that you can get unstuck from habituated patterns that aren't working, take charge of your mind, reclaim your sense of self-control, and move forward deliberately.

You feel empowered and optimistic right away.

Module 2 | SELF-STUDY

Learn how to listen to and trust your inner support system, take charge of hard moments, choose yourself without guilt, clarify what you care about, be more self-compassionate, and know your potential.

You are more present for all the good in your life.

Module 3 | STRESS

Recognize ingrained reactions, eliminate self-induced and unintentional obstacles, embrace the wisdom of your body and mind, take advantage of your most reliable inner guidance, and feel balanced and calmer.

You dramatically improve how you feel inside.

Module 4 | SURRENDER

Learn how to stop mental spiraling with one simple tool, make perpetual struggling a thing of the past, take life's challenges in stride, embrace the experience of all your human emotions, and be more grounded and content.

You know calm as your new superpower.

Module 5 | HABITS

Discover the magic of your brain's ability to automate, make small but powerful shifts to your daily routine, consistently take care of your well-being without a lot of time, and learn how to accomplish all of your goals.

You feel more centered and balanced every day.

Module 6 | INTENTION

Activate an endless supply of motivation, focus on what's most important to you, show up for yourself and your life deliberately, cultivate deep integrity, and be patient and confident about getting what you want.

You experience your heartfelt desires as reality.


Gaining insight into how we can transform our relationship to stress and use it to grow as a person was the most insightful and helpful part of this program.

Stephannie has been more successful at helping me than any doctor, she is such an angel, gentle, but strong. She is such a positive energy in my life.

[Meghan C]

I have the tools now to effectively cope with my stress and anxiety, rather than letting it overcome me. I feel confident in my ability to self-soothe, something I have never been able to do.

I wanted to work with Stephannie for a while and I am so grateful that I invested in my mental health and am so excited to continue to grow.

[Alicia B]

Make Peace with Stress helped me discover insights that I didn't realize I was missing and that made a big difference in my life.

It inspired me to find the strength I know I have and to take it into the rest of my life. With Stephannie, I have a therapist, yoga teacher, and fairy godmother all rolled into one!

[Mary C]

Working with Stephannie has made a world of difference in how I respond to and live with stress.

Her unique teachings of the physical and philosophical aspects of yoga practice enable me to live a calmer, more centered life!

[Michele B]


You get lifetime access to the following resources:


Get powerful insights from yoga philosophy, neurobiology, the science of habits, and positive psychology as simple and concise lessons. Each lesson is delivered as an audio recording with a printable transcript.


Whether a short practice, worksheet, or journal prompt, the Growthwork guides and supports you step-by-doable-step through the curriculum so that your new way of being can become your automatic way of being.


As you integrate what you're learning, you'll get questions answered, personal support, insightful guidance, and loving accountability from me as well as the camaraderie of others in the group on our weekly Zoom calls.


Throughout the curriculum, there are simple but potent practices that help you with physical and mental stress symptoms as well as shift your inner experience. You can access them anytime on a free app from any device!

Is Make Peace with Stress right for you?

I want you to experience the liberation that is absolutely possible for you. And also, I've discovered over the years that there are a few key indicators that determine if you're ready or not. (No judgment, my friend, I wasn't ready for nearly a decade!)

👍 If you know you have to take better care of your well-being, are ready to take ownership of doing so, and need it to be simple so that it can become part of your life with ease then this program is for you!

👎 It's not for you if you're looking for a quick fix or you tend to believe your struggles are because of your life circumstances or other people.

👍 If you feel overwhelmed and doubt yourself but are willing to take an honest look at your experience so that you can and will make different choices about how you show up then this program is for you!

👎 It's not for you if you think your problems are out of your control, are not about your mindset and emotions, and/or can't actually change.

👍 If you recognize that the way you're living isn't working and believe that with the right guidance and support, the changes and growth you want are possible then this program is for you!

👎 It's not for you if you're attached to struggling (honestly this works for some!) and/or don't believe that you can be different.

Working with Stephannie has opened my heart and mind to what's possible when it comes to making peace with my stress.

I have come so far and know I will continue to grow every day. Thank you, Stephannie, for helping me find my path toward mindfulness through simple and effective yoga practices.

[Carrie L]

Make Peace with Stress has been a life changer! Who knew such a simple shift in my mindset would bring such peace and calmness?

I have come to understand what my triggers are and how to handle those without feeling the stress, anxiety, and helplessness I had before starting Make Peace with Stress.

[Leslie H]

The support I received in this program to apply all of the excellent information and practices to my personal needs was so helpful.

Stephannie has certainly helped me! ​Her calm, gentle nature immediately put me at ease.

[Sue K]

Make Peace with Stress has helped me tremendously on my journey to become a stronger, happier me.

Stephannie and her methods are kind, compassionate, and effective.

[Andy B]



The sliding scale represents the idea that financial resources, including income, are not and should not be the only determining factor in whether or not someone can access this program. Please determine which price is appropriate for you and be mindful that integrity feels good. ❤️


or 3 payments of $500

I am employed, self-employed, or don't need to work to meet my needs.

I own property and/or have comfortable financial savings.

I have expendable income and can afford "wants" without financial burden.

I can pay it forward. 

PAY $500/MONTH X 3

PAY $1,500 IN FULL


or 3 payment of $400

I am employed, self-employed, or have access to a steady income.

I am paying off debt and/or building my savings.

I don't spend my time worrying about meeting my needs.

I might have to cut back on a few "wants" (like eating out) but won't hurt me in the long term.

PAY $400/MONTH X 3

PAY $1,200 IN FULL


or 3 payments of $300

I am employed or self-employed.

I have access to basic needs (food, housing).

I have limited financial savings and expendable income.

I have to actively save for "wants" and can pay for this program, but paying more would be a significant financial burden right now.

PAY $300/MONTH X 3

Sliding scale inspired by Green Bottle Model from Worts + Cunning.



I get it, I used to believe that too! What I've learned is that humans are meant to grow and if it seems like you're not good at it, you just haven't learned how to work with your body and mind in a way that's simple and transformational. Yet.

And also, our overstimulating, face-paced, productivity-driven world fuels our worry, overburdened sense of responsibility, and feeling unworthy.

But it's not supposed to be this way!

In my personal and professional experience, when you learn to make peace with stress, you'll understand yourself and the world in a whole new way.


Or, I'll have time as soon as I get through (whatever you've got going on right now). Or, what if I start this and (anything in my life like my family obligations or health or job changes)?

The truth is, there will always be something that wants to be most important. Your life will only get busier. And time will keep passing.

Right? If you're. anything like me, you can kick a can down the road for a looong ass time.

My journey has shown me that well-being is the most important thing in my life—learning how to regulate my nervous system and use it for guidance is what helps me do everything else.


You can change your life—of course you can!

And when you do, your relationships improve, your ability to. do your best work increases, and your capacity to give in all the ways that are meaningful to you expands.

And joining me to learn how to Make Peace with Stress and integrate this way of being into your life makes it doable.

Even if you think you're not good at personal growth.

Even if you don't think you have time for more.

Even if you've unsuccessfully tried to relieve, reduce, and manage your stress in the past.



Hey there, my friend.

You've made it to the bottom of this page. 

How're you feeling about what you've been reading?

If you're curious, I think that means there's something here for you, something that wants to be felt, heard, and seen.

So I have an important question for you: What do you want?

Joining me in this program is an investment in yourself and a commitment to making the positive changes you want your reality.

Do you want to talk with me about it? If so, use the button below to schedule some time with me.

Whether you join me in Make Peace with Stress or not, I truly want you to flourish.

I love you.
Stephannie ❤️