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How to make peace with insomnia.





According to WebMD.com, a primary cause of insomnia is stress. And it makes perfect sense when you consider the stress response and the relaxation response are opposites in the autonomic nervous system. It’s one or the other—you can’t relax when you’re stressed.

NOTICE this: If you’re having trouble sleeping, pay attention to see if a few key stress symptoms are present. In your body, notice tension. With your breathing, notice if it’s shallow. Mentally, notice if there’s something specific and repetitive on your mind.



Whether you’re experiencing one of these stress symptoms, all three, or all three and then some, it’s simply information you’re meant to be getting. And here’s the thing, if this information is keeping you up in the middle of the night, it’s important. Instead of fighting it, try appreciation.

OPEN to this: Just like you can’t be stressed and relaxed at the same time, you can be frustrated and grateful at the same time. So say thank you to your body and mind for getting your attention. Repeat it like a mantra: Thank you for making me aware of your needs.



Your body and mind need something, and just like you wouldn’t ignore a broken bone that needs resetting, don’t ignore the seemingly less urgent needs of your body and mind. Any stress symptoms that are present are big clues about what’s needed. Be intentional about taking care of yourself.

WELCOME this: Tension can be relieved by squeezing and releasing muscles throughout the body. The remedy for shallow breathing is slow, deep breaths. (Combining these 2 is awesome!) If there’s something on your mind, try taking 5-minutes to write down everything you’re thinking about. It can be that simple.